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OVERVIEW Laughlin & Associates aIlievski FRENCH CAFE Creative and multivalent senior designer with high experience in multimedia, marketing, editorial and web. As a department manager, I have the ability to produce a wide range of materials with an exceptional relationship with clients, driving with the perfect motivation to exceed our goals. VISIT WEBSITE BACK TO PROJECTS STARWOOD Graphic Designer and Web Developer My Mission is Design & Develop the Best Websites Around, Simple is Powerful. Creative Intuition. Working with clients from all walks of life each bring out the best in us. We are looking forward to working with you as well. VISIT WEBSITE BACK TO PROJECTS GOOD VIBES Let's build the future of the web Get the web's modern capabilities on your own sites and apps with useful guidance and analysis from VISIT PROJECT WEBSITE BACK TO PROJECTS INTERIOR DESIGN Never stop building! When it comes to convincing employers that you’re job-ready, it’s all about getting hands-on and putting your skills into action. It’s therefore really important to keep learning and building. The more projects you work on — be it open source, volunteer or freelance — the more you will have to talk about in the interview room. VISIT WEBSITE BACK TO PROJECTS